A Landmark and a Lady

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She was old. Very old.

Not much to look at, broken down and sickly, she stood only as a tragic monument to a past life - a life full of people, parties, and celebrations. Thousands had enjoyed the comforts of her hospitality, but those days had long since past, as had her youth and beauty. No more visitors darkened her doors or walked her storied halls. Sadly, most people assumed she was dead.

But she wasn't dead. Not yet. She hung on to life with a simple hope - That some day people would want her again.

A glimmer...

Though the years had taken their toll on her, she remained the same gracious and generous lady she had always been. Her charm and substance held true, though cruelly obscured by the wear and tear of life and years of neglect.

Finally, on September 27, 1997 her waiting bore fruit, when an outsider came and offered her his help. Suddenly she saw her dreams were his dreams, her hopes his plans, and her future his vision. He poured his passion, his time, his resources into her. All of his savings, thousands in borrowed funds, his prayers and hopes and fears and tears, all spent to bring a vision to life that no one else could see: a Lady saved and a Landmark restored.

She would entertain again.

She would host parties and dinners again.

New sounds of joyous celebration and music would join the echos of generations past within her storied halls.

Though close to death, she would live again, and with her rising would come countless tellings of how this venerable lady had been spared death by the efforts and sacrifices of a few caring men and women.

She is The Imperial Hotel and this is her story. Located at 106 South Holly Street in Monterey, TN 38574, her's is a story in limbo. Far from the happy ending she deserves, she has been held in limbo since December 2011 by the leaders of Monterey and the Depot. Their opposition of this lady's place in our history and our future has forced her doors shut. The Herald Citizen and Channel 4 News have told part of the story, but they always end with statements from the town and Depot leaders who do nothing more than twist and spin the facts to paint themselves as the victims who have been backed into a corner.

They were backed into a corner?

They are the victims?